Suggested reading for parents of ADD kids?

Hello everyone,

over the holiday last week I was talking to a relative who believes her son is ADD.  After talking with her, i agreed.  She was frustrated with his problems in school and was thinking he was rebellious, lazy etc. etc.....  She had been using grounding, taking away his phone etc. to try to motivate him and nothing works.  I spent a LONG time talking to her about my experience (she said, "I WONDERED how you got so skinny!" when I told her about the Adderall). It was a huge eye opener to her to hear it from the other side.  I told her the punishments would NOT work.  They didn't work for me.  IT wasn't that i DIDN'T want the things that were taken away: I just couldn't change the behavior.  She really wants to help her son before he gets depressed from constant failure, has low self esteem and starts self-medicating.

Anyone have suggested reading for how to go about getting a diagnosis for a 15 year old and how to convince other family members that medication is not evil??  Both the father and step father are of the old school, 'just suck it up and try harder' method.




Hey Ellamenno...

Don't get me started on the Adderall Weight Loss Program ;) The longest running Sit-Com in my house... I used to butt-heads with DD#2 before I knew what our Real Problem was. Now when I see ADD related reactions I don't let them continue she NEEDS the structure, but I try not to act mad and explain the situation she is experiencing in the light of how I experienced something similar ar her age. It is amazing how well this works. I try to explain how I thinks she gets to a certain point by telling her how I can get to a similar point.

I get SO sick of people with ZERO education regarding ADD spouting-off like they know anything. I enjoying smashing their sad little "Know-it-All" ego ;) I will admit that before I knew anything about ADD I thought the same thing. Who has time to study extra topics that do not relate to themselves, right??? :) I have always thought of meds needed for mental issues as No Different than meds needed for any other medical condition. 

If you find a good book, let me know...