suggestions for marking special day?

This Saturday is my wedding anniversary.  My marriage is on the rocks.  I don't want to do anything on Saturday that is couple related nor could I if I wanted to, given that my husband will be gone, at his parents' home, as he is every weekend.  My husband probably won't call or anything.  That's OK, too.  What I want to do is something to celebrate me and my strides toward greater maturity and independence.  Any ideas?


Step out of your comfort zone.  You don't say whether you are in city or warm weather but here are some ideas of things I have done.  Take a free introductory ballroom dance class. Have yourself a "spa" day...part at home and then as much as you could spare for 1. massage, 2. manicure,pedicure, 3. hair cut/color.  Walk along a beach and treat yourself to a salad at the most expensive restaurant for lunch, Lunch at fancy restaurants is always less expensive than the entrees at night.  If you go to a fancy restaurant that is connected to a hotel, you are one of many people that will be dining alone and you can people watch.   Ride a train with friends to a nearby city and window shop or see a show. Take a child to a 3D animated matinee.  We just saw Croods...great fun.  Get in the car and drive letting your heart and your whims guide you at each turn.  Stop at interesting places along the way.  Get out of the house and stay overnight in that hotel or in that neighboring city.  Plan a one day cruise or a trip to visit someone.  .Good fortune and happiness to you. Kudo's to you for enduring and surviving - staying sane and looking for future smiles.

Great ideas

I like all the ideas above. Others include a nice hike/walk in nature, gals night with friends, chatting about husbands off limits even better, 80s movie marathon, shopping for cocktail dresses you have no reason to buy, a great pair of shoes. I really love the hair cut idea, it always feels great when you leave the salon, hair swinging. Congrats on making it through another year!