Suggestions to stopping a tirade?

My husband (Add) and I (non-add) had a 2 day 'fight' recently where he would not stop arguing/ yelling (including following me around the house and outside) until I admitted that everything that was wrong in our marriage was my fault. My low self-esteem, my parents alcoholism, my affair etc. everything. All were my fault. Yes, the affair was my fault, but that's a different forum all on it's own.  I would say "yes, it's all my fault." but he never believed me because he could read my body language. it wasn't until i was so broken down sobbing on the floor that I did finally begin to believe that everything was my fault.

Then the next day, we awakes as if everything is fine and asks why i'm so upset. I say "everything is My fault" (Still truly believing it) and he said "Oh no honey, it's our fault. Both of us has made mistakes". ROAR!!!!

But now, two days later, i know it was just him having a fit, not everything is my fault. We are in this marraige together, we both screw up, everything is both our fualts. In the heat of his tirade, is there anything i can do to stop it. Knowing it's just an ADD fit. I've heard of using key words etc, b/c god knows if i mention add while he's upset like this our argument goes nuclear.

Any suggestions are welcome! HELP!