Suggestions on treatment. My ADHD is hurting my marriage!

I was officially diagnosed with ADHD in November 2010 at the age of 25. I have known that I had ADHD since childhood but it was never caught and diagnosed. Anyways, I went on Vyvanse and it was great. When I lost my health insurance, my Dr. switch me to Adderall IR because it was more affordable. After being on the max daily dose (40mg) I had to go back to Vyvanse because it just wasn't working anymore. The Vyvanse worked GREAT until about 2 months ago and all of a sudden, my horrid symptoms were back and I could not function. I finally switch back to Adderall XR but I'm on the max dose and it's still not working for me. My husband gets so frustrated and angry with me because I am a walking disaster and cause more chaos than good. I have had to take extra Adderall some days (which I hate doing) just to be able to clean my house so my husband doesn't get mad at me. Also, I had a 4.0 gpa until all this happened. These past two months have ruined my grades, is causing great tension between my husband and I, and also causing me to have way more panic attacks because I cannot function properly (4 attacks this weekend alone). Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried Wellbutrin, Straterra, Intuniv, and Concerta. The concerta worked with my focus, only I would flip out on my kids if they disrupted my attention. I cannot live like this! I feel awful and it isn't fair to my family or myself, any suggestions would be great! Thanks.