Support groups/forums for the adhd perspective?

Hi, I am new here and was wondering if anyone knows of any forums, or websites that have similar threads as this one, but with any kind of positive content from/for the adhd person's side. For example, the majority of these forums and site content seems to me to be about how horrible it is to have to suffer through any kind of contact with an adhd person, and how abusive, angry, incompetent, selfish, childish etc. we are. I certainly would never deny that many of us very often are, but so are the spouses/partners, and not always because of us. I'm just saying I came looking for support, but seem to be hearing only resentment and contempt. We get just as frustrated, legitimately, in our interpersonal interactions, but that doesn't seem to be acknowledged on this site. Maybe the non-adhd partners are the majority of the population on here, so people like me just aren't as active in expressing our side, but reading through many of these posts just feels like more beat-downs to add to what we've already been having to deal with throughout our entire lives. So if anyone knows a support group by add-ers, for add-ers, please let me know; I need a community of support and encouragement, not blame and resentment.


Thanks in advance, and please don't bash my request; it's just my personal observations and a sincere question.