Sure, I'll help...

The leaves had really piled up by last weekend.  Our son had done a poor job of raking them earlier in the fall and now said he refused to do yardwork because I always tell him it is not good enough.  You know, I am picky about things like raking the leaves that are against the fence,bagging the leaves once you rake them into piles, and not raking them into the bushes in the hopes that no  one will notice.  On Saturday morning we went to a movie.  On the way, my wife offered to help me rake.  After the movie, she said our son should help me rake.  I reminded her that she offered to rake.  She then said she would help me rake after the water boiled for making pasta.  She came out and said that she would (finally) take down the last of the Halloween decorations while she was waiting for the water to boil.  I kept raking until sundown and filled 16 bags of leaves and a plastic bin full of fallen branches.  She never came out again.  She then made arguments about how our son should have helped.  OK, but the leaves needed to be raked and arguing with him all afternoon would have meant that no leaves got raked.  I reminded her that she OFFERED to help and said she would help after the water boiled.  Oh, she thought that taking down the Halloween decorations was all she was supposed to do.  No, I reminded her, she was supposed to rake.  

Keep in mind that I have had surgery on both of my shoulders and that I also currently have the remnants of bursitis in one knee.

She then said that she and the kids would rake the back yard on Sunday morning.  They did about 1 hour before my wife, our daughter, and I left for a play we had tickets for.  Our son was supposed to fill at least one more bag of leaves--which he did not do.  He didn't even bag the pile of leaves that had already been raked.