Surprises and behaving like a 10 year old

Everytime my ADD spouse brings something into the house to show me, he has it behind his back. It could one item in one hand, another item in the other hand. This whole "reveal" could take several minutes.  This is a crazy way of sharing things... to manipulate the whole timing and how it's presented and making me wait until I'm feeling a bit put off by his behavior, including my loss of interest over the *surprise* item.

Today, he brought in old items from our old shed to show me. Instead of just bringing it in, he had both behind his back as if it was a surprise like chocolates and flowers and it was so drawn out. 

There was a very musty old cigarette box in one hand. The other hand held behind his back was 2 rusty hairclippers.

I feel like his behavior mimics a ten year old's -- "close your eyes and I'll make you kiss this frog" .... "guess.... bet you can't guess. you have twenty guesses."

The most frustrating thing is, my spouse is nearly 60 YEARS OLD.   When I tell him I prefer just seeing things like that when he walks in the house, he gets mad at me. It's as if I've ruined his perpetual childhood.

Does anyone's AD/HD spouse act like this or something similar???