Symptoms increase after diagnosis

My husband, of 16 years, found a wonderful counselor at the beginning of the summer following an emotional breakdown of sorts.  This very insightful counselor began looking at patterns of behavior and suggested an AD/HD diagnosis.  They've continued to work together and my husband is trying to embrace this diagnosis... he's more than 6 of the inattentive type behaviors.  Honestly it fits him completely and knowing that this cluster of behaviors has a name makes it much easier for both of us to understand.  He identifies strongly with the descriptions of others and seems to have some relief.

My question, though, has to do with what appears to be an increase in the behaviors.  It's as though he's embraced it and things have gotten worse (forgetting, inattentiveness, unreliable, irritable, etc.)  He's not medicated (yet,) but has expressed his desire to talk about that with his counselor.   He's made changes in habits (eating, running, etc) so I know he is trying.  Have others experienced this increase or might I just be noticing it more now?  I want to be supportive and I think I am, but I am frustrated.