Symptoms but no diagnosis...

I'm rather new to the discussion, but here goes..

I've been married 10 years to a wonderful woman. She's highly organized, and I am highly not! ;) I have read Melissa's book, and see myself clearly. My wife brought this to my attention, and finally got the nerve to share with me...she thought I would be upset.  I have met with a counselor, and done some preliminary testing, and results do NOT show ADD. Whether I have it or not, the symptoms and behaviors are the same. So - a couple of thoughts:

1) Medication is very appealing...I could probably do my work better, and see improvements in my marriage. I don't think it is a cure all, but I would certainly like to investigate the possibility.

2) If I'm not ADHD, are there other causes to investigate?


I can see that I have been very hurtful to my wife, without meaning to do so. I have a lot of work to do for someone who has put up with so much!! She deserves a better husband, so it's my job to be better. 


Thanks for listening..

ADD and bipolar have very,

ADD and bipolar have very, very similar symptoms. Other than that, without knowing anything specific, I have no clue. I wish you the best!! Taking responsibility and acknowledging the hurt you've caused is a HUGE first step.