Tables turning.

WOW!! he is trying to manipulate me in to thinking he is this good great man,when I know that he is more than a jerk,I honestly don't think it's just ADHD,this man has more than ADHD,I see many on here with ADHD and is doing really good like YYZ,and PB,these men are trying very hard and is doing very good as far as I can recall,but my ADHD husband is a pure nasty liar and a porn star,all he studies is porn, women, and money, gambling and other's, and expect me to be with him after all his wrong doings.No way,,he is trying all things to make me miserable and then proceeds to try and manipulate me.

I have had enough.Sunday he called saying he can't walk, and to bring him some cigarettes,when I got there,and the only reason why I went was to help him b/c he has no one else,then I made his breakfast,went back home by me and cooked lunch and went back and dropped off some lunch for him.I went home after,did not stay at all.Then in the afternoon he is calling me telling me to bring dinner,again I went and got him dinner.


Monday I went over to tell him I can't do this again,and that the nagging and the accusations also the bad talking of my family and home has to stop.I told him that we need to stop this right away but he was not listening.He said that I spoiled his day and that I am a two timing bit** and that I am childish,well I told him to never call me again.