talking about feelings

Hi.  I really need some help understanding something or dealing with it, at least.  My husband regularly tells me, when we're having serious conversations about our marriage, that his anxiety is a hindrance to him with dealing with things.  Let me emphasize "regularly."  I acknowledge this, I stay engaged, I don't react defensively. 

Tonight, I said to him something that I've said before, but rarely bring up, that I too have to battle through anxiety to get certain things done.  He totally shut down.  I could see it in the ghastly color his face turned and his expression and the fact that he stopped talking.  I sent him a message a few minutes ago and said it makes me sad when I talk about my anxiety and he shuts down.  He responded that it makes him sad when we have "one-sided conversations" because he has needs, too.  Does every conversation involving anxiety have to give equal time to his anxiety, even though I don't insist on inserting mine every time he mentions his?  What is going on?