I'm creating this topic in case anyone would care to join me in venting about it, as April 15 gets very close.

My ADHD and Marriage and Income Taxes story is not as painful as many people's, I know.  But it's painful enough for me.

I started doing my family's tax returns approximately three or four years ago.  I can't remember exactly why, but it had something to do with my husband not being at home very much (once he started working as a caregiver for his parents) and with his suggestion that we not report his income from caregiving, a suggestion that I quickly rejected.  My husband's father (FIL) insists on paying him in cash, for not entirely clear reasons but probably involving FIL thinking that by doing so he is successfully hiding this arrangement from the government.  If you are guessing that this means that FIL does not pay any of the employer's share of taxes (Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid) and does not do any withholding, you are correct!  Hey, and guess what that means:  that my husband, who does not pay estimated taxes, owed more than $5,000 this year in income and self-employment taxes.  Another big cheer!  If you also are guessing that the accuracy of reporting the income of someone paid in cash is questionable, you are also correct.  I report what my husband deposits into our joint account, but because he never makes ATM withdrawals and I assume that he does carry around some cash, I also assume that I'm underreporting his income.  With tax return preparation, worse than the feeling I have about the number of dollars owed is the feeling I have about the fundamental dishonesty and cheating attitude of my FIL and my husband.  It almost makes me sick to think of how different they are from me and that they are willing to drag me into questionable legal territory.  

I finished this year's tax returns over the weekend and submitted them while I was home alone on Easter.