Tech Envy

I know some women who wish they were billboard bodies with

airbrushed perfect princess curves, but my desire is to have the unbreakable glass and

entrancing dim glow of an ipad tablet that you would stare at for hours and

never turn away.

I wish all the holes I have to fill, the need and loneliness and fear were,

rather, spaces in the New York Times crossword puzzle (online edition)

compelling you with some transcendent force

to find any way to work, to solve to and to complete,  and I picture myself with 

the sleek holdability of your phone, which

you like to curl up with in bed and fall

asleep, your fingers gently stoking its luminous face.

When I make myself small enough to say "I wish you couldn't take your eyes off me"

I make myself small enough to fit in your pocket, and

you say "I don't even know how to do that, I don't even know what that means,"

But you do. 

I sympathize with you and

I sympathize with you and your poetry.  Hard to compete with 1080 resolution and infinite new stimuli.  Perhaps with the newer flexible screens they can make a dress for us ADHD spouses to wear. 

Hey, me too!

...except my DH is the one WITHOUT ADHD.

Seriously, he won't even put down his phone or iPAD to PEE.

Caught my (also the non-er)

Caught my (also the non-er) DH watching a google+ hangout in the bathroom once... I know we're more susceptible, but the tech addiction hits everyone! :)