Technically not DH's problem, just a vent

My ADHD husband works for a small company (like 10 employees) that does not offer direct deposit. Yep, they hand him a check on payday. You can imagine how difficult it is for him to get the check to the bank (even though there is a bank branch right across the street from his office.) You can imagine the stress it causes when he swears he had the check in is pocket, yet can't find it (luckily he had left it at work). Did I mention he is the main breadwinner? I would be happy to deposit it, but even getting it home is a problem. He got paid on Thursday. Today is Sunday and the check is still at work. The mortgage gets taken out tomorrow and we have less than $100 in our checking account. He is going into work today, so let's see if he can get it into the bank. Sigh. 

Most of my husband's meager

Most of my husband's meager earnings come from his father, who pays him in cash.  My husband walks around for weeks at a time with hundreds of dollars in his wallet.  We have separate bank accounts now; if his goes below zero, that will be his problem.


Can you swing by his workplace on Thursdays and pick him (and his check) up and then swing by the bank? 

Sorry you are having to deal with this!  

I feel your pain. My hubby is

I feel your pain. My hubby is paid in cash and I rarely see any of it. He says that paying his phone bill and has eats up all of his pay. That may be true since he only makes $150/$200 a week. 

I made provisions a long time ago to rely on only myself. I am the major breadwinner so I have an account and all the bills get paid out of that. I never take on anything that I can't afford on my own.

I'd definitely see you if you can start getting that check...either in the mail or by picking it up on pay day. And unless you are working and have direct deposit, I wouldn't have any of your bills automatically debited. It leaves too much to chance.