Tell Me About Your ADHDers Unfinished Projects

I really hate when we have unstructured weekends. You would think this would be a good way to get things done. However, it seems to be a good way for my DH to start yet another project and leave in undone. I am really, really, frustrated today and need a little "misery loves company" to help me feel like I am not alone. (Because, as I look through my neighborhood, I feel truly alone. I see well-kept yards, no piles of various crap laying in yards, not random holes dug, garages that are neat and organized ...with cars parked IN them!!! etc.Don't even get me started on the inside of their houses!!) So, look around and list what your ADHDer has started but has not finished. If he/she is like mine, I will probably have to come back and edit my list as I see/remember more :(  I will post mine in the comments.