Tell a New Story

What’s your current story, and how does it make you feel? If it doesn’t make you feel good when you tell it, then stop telling it. Instead, tell a story that makes you feel inspired and positive. Maybe you haven’t found your calling yet and feel as if every day is ground hog day. You can change that.......The Tiny Budha online

I am trying to be positive so I will start with doing this thing suggested on a path to happiness....tell a new story.  I will try to tell it without marginalizing or fabricating a false reality. Here goes.  I am so lucky to have been born in a country with freedom and economic and health and education resources of which I have taken advantage.  I am so fortunate to have had a life of normality of health, family, culture.  I have had many friends along the way.  I have traveled a bit and got myself an education and live comfortably.  I have the internet, a car, a home, children, a church full of honest and helpful people.  I have AC in the summer and heating in the winter.  I have sight, hearing and the ability to walk...even run and swim.  I live in the beautiful part of the country where I look out the windows and see beauty.  My husband of 40 years has been healthy also.  

I live in the year 2016 where women can, with some work on their parts, have power over their own lives.  There are some people who give a woman some credit if she is strong and has the integrity to listen to her own heart.  I am able to listen to my own heart and my heart is telling me to START shining rather than to keep small and humble.  My heart is telling me that I am LOVED by Life and that I can permit my inner child to experience and enjoy the beauty that is inside of me.  

My new story is that I am ALIVE and kicking. I have spent my adult life being responsible.  I paid my dues to my family (and had obeyed my childhood Sunday School lessons to a fault).  My heart is telling me that God does not want me to keep small or sad or servile, but to live and call attention to the wonders of this world and let people know let ME know me. I am an artist and a writer.  See me.  Hear me.