Testimonial by a 35 years old, who discovers she has ADHD.


This article is the best (most honest and real) one I have read, by someone who has adhd, among other things....If you have adhd, or, if you live with some one who does, this article will be very familiar to you....Certain things jumped out at me...One, the shock and fear she experience's upon considering at age 35, she might have adhd....Also her fear of dying young and being found out by her husband, when he uncovers stuff she has hoarded up (like he's not aware of it already lol....And sadly the shame she feels, and the desire to hide it....You will laugh at her, and you may have other emotions also...But, if it doesn't do anything else for you...It should, like it did me, reinforce the day to day struggles, and the reality of the effects of add/adhd on a person....