My husband has finally agreed to get ADHD testing (because we almost separated because of it!).  Any suggestions on what is the best kind of person to go to for testing, are some test better than others? I saw a local place advertised that does testing $150 for initial consult, then they also do marriage counseling which would also benefit us.  Any advice, is it best to get testing from a place u can also get counseling? etc, thnx

  I also wanted to share


I also wanted to share his symptoms see if u also think it is ADHD:  unable to organize, clean, pick up just about anything even shut cupboard doors after opening them or turn off burners, focus on self even in conversations, doesn't hear what I say most the time, constant lying, manipulative, addicted to the internet, chatting, porn, unable to sleep a normal scheduale tends to be unable to sleep at night (therefore I sleep alone mostly if I can get him to turn the TV down enough to be able to sleep), looses temper easily, fights often, stressed a lot, stomache problems, lack of taking on responsibility for household chores, errands, not good sharing feelings or being intimate, sex is in a heated rush;), has to be reminded to put keys back close car door, even small things, difficulty with change, unable to finish projects, etc.  

Anyways, there are many good qualities about him as well, but these are the major ones I think may be ADHD and causing the havoc in our relationship.  

Definitely could be

Definitely could be ADHD.

We see a psychologist who counsels us and did the testing. We paid $40 for the test results to be sent off, but that was it. I am not sure how it works everywhere, I'm sure it varies, but that was our experience.