Thank You

I hear a small voice inside me accompanied by an almost imperceptible tug at my stomach, that says, “I think you’ve made it, Rita. I think you understand now and are closer to the truth.”


I had expected him to be home by five and it was a little after six in the evening. He was still at work, looking for his glasses.


I had just finished reading “Driven to Distraction, and after searching the Internet for “Edward Hallowell”, his and Melissa Orlov’s discussions about being married to husbands with ADD had become my support group. 


And so I said, with my mind racing past my emotions – “It’s all right.  There’s no rush.”


I am so proud of myself.  It has taken me five decades to get to this point.


I am me.  I am my own best friend.  And he is who he is, and will not change. 


To get to this point I have had to separate in my head the illusion, the wish, the expectation that I had developed around “my husband”. Do you know that that has been harder than anything I have ever been asked to do?