Thank you all, but I need to go...

I just wanted to post one last time (that is my goal) to say THANK YOU to this forum and website for helping me through the loss of my relationship.  Clicking on my user name will link to my old posts, but as a recap, I had been in a long distance relationship for over 3 years with a man who originally said he had ADHD, but then denied it when confronted.  I had no clue about ADHD, but I knew how unhappy I had become and how different our relationship was from the beginning stages.  So I started reading books on it and HOLY COW did it seem to describe him and us to a T!  The trouble was, he was always hell bent on NEVER changing.  Long story short, I tried to get him to read some books, to talk about the ADHD possibility (I am 100% convinced he could get a diagnosis), but it just made him more angry and defensive and we got into a fight about it back in November and he never talked to me again after that.  Just threw our entire relationship (and the one I had with his young daughter) away like it was nothing.

So, I came here and got support and read stories and became even more convinced that ADHD was a huge part of the troubles we were having (but to him there were no issues).  BUT...while you have all been so helpful to me, I realized that coming to this site all the time and continuing to read the stories and make connections is only hurting me now.  At first I was hopeful we could make things work (thus my screen name), but I soon realized that wasn't going to happen.  Now it is 6 months later and I am ok.  I am content and happy.  I am trying to move on.  I have no relationship to try to save.  No one who could work WITH me.  So it has come to the point where I think it would be best for me to try to stay away from this site so that I can fully heal and continue to move on, instead of reliving similar experiences here on this forum.  I still have guilt and regret and "what ifs", and I still hurt for him and what he has been through, but I also know that I am ok and will be ok and that I am happy despite missing things.

Thank you all again for your stories and your support.  I wish you all well and I hope that you can either work together to have the type of relationship you both deserve or be able to know that you will be ok if you can't!