Therapy Advice Needed

My husband was diagnosed four years ago with ADD/bipolar and depression. We live 3 hours from the nearest ADHD specialist. We're still trying to figure out the medications that are right for him. Still not finding a therapist nearby who is the right fit or really knows their stuff, which is probably the reason that the medication has still not been figured out in four years.

I want to move nearer to help and resources in order to keep our family afloat. My husband wants to on one hand, but the stress and fear of such a big change is trumping that desire and so he wants to stay here--he grew up here.

I'm desperate. I don't want to live like this forever. He's about to lose another job.

I think that the only way for us to stay afloat, to break out of this dark, helpless hole we're in, is to get real help.

I need someone to tell me whether I'm probably right and that I should insist that we move whether he likes it or not. HOW IMPORTANT IS THE RIGHT THERAPIST?