Therapy - how did it help you?

I am having a hard time lately. I am staying in my marriage for now to avoid sharing custody with my adhd spouse because of how detrimental/dangerous that would be for our daughter. But I have a long road ahead if I stay until she is 18 (she's almost 11 now) and it is wearing on me.

I don't want couples therapy (well, I did in the past, but my husband repeatedly refused). Rather I am wondering if anyone could pipe in on their experiences with individual therapy.

For me it will be an expenditure that I can barely afford, but I'm wondering if my mental health is worth it. I feel sad and angry a lot and fantasize about my life after this dark period is finally over. I am having a hard time dealing with staying for so many more years, with maintaining civility with my husband and with doing so much of the earning/parenting/household work on my own.

I live in Canada and there are some limited free counseling options. However, in my past experience with seeking cheaper free counseling for my daughter (for anxiety), I found you get what you pay for. 

Anyway, can anyone comment on if individual therapy has been worthwhile and how so? Why type? If it was not worth it for you, or if something else worked for you (a book, meditation, exercise), I would also like to hear that.

Thank you all as usual. :)