Therapy!!! + Meds = Beautiful combo!!!! :))))

Today was our first couples session with a therapist who specializes in ADHD and it was AWESOME!!!! :))))

Even my ADHD partner who completely resisted the idea of therapy, let alone thinking ADHD had an impact on anything, loved it too!!!!

All we needed was someone who understands BOTH OF US and could calmly clarify our feelings and needs without strong underlying emotions! We're both starting to understand, and this was just our first session!

(Not that we didn't come home and have a brief fight already :/  ... but I applied the "Time out!" method and pressed the imaginary "redo" button, AND IT WORKED!) We paused and restarted the conversation calmly and then walked away... No crazy insane fight!!! Wow...

I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and it's very much needed after the hell week we went through!

I really, really hope this helps us figure this whole ADHD relationship out. 

I hope only good things come out of these sessions!

I'm actually smiling inside today, even in spite of an on coming cold....

Yay for us!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

This is WONDERFUL news! For

This is WONDERFUL news! For both of you! When I tell people that my husband really LIKES counseling people act like I'm nuts..but I think having someone who understands him and really wants to help him is a REAL boost to his self-esteem. Finding a counselor who knows what they're doing is critical and it sounds like you guys have it!!

Go as often as you possibly can for as long as you possibly can. I wish we could go weekly, although my husband is 'hurt' that I feel we need it, like our counselor told him "she's not saying you 'need' it, she's just anxious to get things going" I love the way she always finds a way to put things so that he isn't offended, even when I don't.

GREAT news!! I really hope this works out for you guys!

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Thanks! I know this


I know, this therapist seems to word things like magic because he doesn't get defensive with her at all.... And, actually, at one point she said "what's so different about how I worded it that makes it easier for you to hear?". He didn't really have an answer.... lol Mystery!

I don't really care what it is... I just hope the magic lasts and I that I rarely EVER come back to this site with horrible news! I know things will never be "perfect" but at least we're getting the coping skills to move forward from the mess!!!



It's so wonderful to read some good news!!

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I'm so glad I can finally

I'm so glad I can finally share some good news with you!

I'm not gonna get too high on this because I know it's still going to be a process... but I sure as hell am gonna bask in the little bit of happiness the session brought me this afternoon!

Maybe now we can start working together as a "team"...

I would love that!!!

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Thanks Fuzz

How have you been??

Man of few words lately? Or what??? ;)

I send my CONGRATS,

I send my CONGRATS, too!!!!

I truly believe it helps when you can involve a neutral third party to help run interference.  It does tend to keep the emotions at bay.

I am so excited for you.


I love reading posts like this and hope it will inspire more people to search out ADHD-savvy therapists!

Help finding therapist

My husband is willing to go. We have been in therapy before. I am looking for a therapist in the Miami area that specializes in ADD. A lot say they treat ADD. We are at the point of recognition that the ADD undermines us on a daily basis. Any suggestions?