Is there any hope?

He got diagnosed 3 months ago and I just want him fixed. I'm so tired of lame excuses and want this to end. If I knew he had a brain disease I would never have married him. I am so angry! His medication is not doing its job! He does better at work and with chores around the house but he isn't better otherwise. I found this site looking around for a different medication or something to try. I can't believe what I've been reading about ADHD, I can't believe I married someone with a brain disease that makes him uncaring, lazy, irresponsible, selfish, messy pig! I just want him to get better and be a real husband. Be a man. I feel so stupid and duped. How could I have married a monster and not know it? I feel cheated and lied to. He must have hidden his "symptoms" from me until I was trapped. I want a real man, not some pathetic baby who can't remember what day it is or where  his keys are. I HATE this ADD crap and I want it to go away. I want what my friends have. I think its fair to want to have a normal husband and a normal life! He keeps talking about how things are going to get better and we will have kids and la de da. KIDS? Why would I have kids with a grown baby? Why would I have kids with a man who would give me sick babies with a brain disease that makes them stupid and lazy? I hate this. I want out. I want this ADD gone. I want it fixed or he can leave. Go home to his mother or live on the streets I don't care. His brain disease has ruined my life. How dare he ruin my life with his sickness? I've worked hard all my life, put myself through school and built a career ... all so I can take care of some sick little man baby who can't clean up after himself or pay his car insurance on time. I am so sick and tired of his crap. I didn't ask for this. I'm sorry but I am so angry. I wish I knew about this ADD sooner and then I could have run away before we bought a house and got married. Now I am stuck with this man baby who is not the man I married. I married a nice man who was fun and sweet and loved me now I am trapped with a sick man baby. I feel like I ma living with a monster a Frankenstein. I am smart and educated, I can't understand how I was so stupid to marry a crazy person. I am so mad at myself I can't forgive myself for being that stupid! Please tell me he will get normal. I NEED to hear that he can be fixed! I am loosing my mind!