Is There Anyone Here Who is Happily Married to an ADD/ADHD Partner?

I know that forums like this (and almost any internet forum focused on a single issue or hobby or product) attracts nearly exclusively people with problems - people don't search the internet and start posting about things if they're happy, after all.

But browsing here on and off for the last nine months or so is a really shocking experience.

I am 61.  Figured out/was diagnosed ADD (or ADHD inattentive) last summer.  

Have been working with therapists for several years.  Added an ADHD-skilled therapist in January.  

Got prescriptions, and take them.

Really got my eyes opened to how ADD affects how I live and really try to change how I show up in life, including marriage.

The situations that are often reported here are just beyond my comprehension.  I'd love to read something from someone who's had a success story with their partner/marriage (or significant other/committed relationship).  Hoping that there are some happy folks out there!