There is Frustration in Communication

Not to sure if I should post this in the Communication section?!?!?!?

How in the world do we deal with communication?  My spouse very often INSISTS he told us something - but we, for everything we try, simply do not remember him saying it  - AT ALL.  I do not want to BLAME him - as communication is difficult  without adding ADHD into the mix.  My usual disclaimer will be in effect here - if it were only me, I would look closer at how I miss things all the time.  

The pick-up truck with the winch was needed this AM.  The plates expired Friday.  My spouse is out fishing.    I called to ask him about it - and he states he TOLD our son last night of his plans to use the truck.  The truck is parked in his friend's yard about one mile up the street. He stated he knew the plates were expired, and since the truck is titled in his name and he needs to get the plates, he left the other truck with the valid plates.  Good thinking :)  No sarcasm.  Really, good thinking. 

My spouse does indeed work through a lot of details in his head.  And while this is a long process for him - he thinks he verbalizes things.  So we get up against I TOLD YOU.  OK, well no one remembers.  

Just another one of those annoying details that muck up the day.  

Communication was deficient SOMEWHERE.  Not sure how to encourage my spouse to WANT to look at his end of the deal, rather than INSIST he TOLD US.  Period.  And why can't we ever listen to what he says?