Is there really hope to save our marriage

I jokingly like refer to myself as a wife who was in a previous life a man who did not appreciate his wife. I feel that this relationship is the purgatory I have to go thru to redeem myself. My question is that after 22 years, I am exhausted, depressed, angry.... and some, and really really doubtful this could ever work. Especially considering his constant unkept promises. Yes there has been progress very recently, but I feel at the end of my rope and that its just too little, too late. I started reading Melissa's book on the ADHD effect on marriage, it is SO painful, I usually cannot read more than a couple of paragraph without melting into tears and then having to put down the book. And when I look at the advice, honestly, I think: "Who we're kidding here, how am I ever going to stop the nagging and the abuse (mine to him) that's the only thing that ever works!"

Enough rambling, but if anyone out there has been in a long term relationship, and is able to respond, I'd love to hear from you. Anyway its good to just post my frustration here, nobody else would understand (at some point in my life, even I did not understand, I thought I was just plain crazy)

Tired and really sad.