Is there a way to help an ADHD Spouse to become more self-aware?

My H is not self-aware at all. First of all, he talks constantly, unless he is distracted by TV, the internet or something else. When he's distracted, then he "allows" silence. When he's not distracted, then I better be "at the ready" to listen to his non-stop drivel. I relish the times that he's at the gym, but since he works from home, he's around 24/7. I run a business from home as well. He has little/no respect for the time I must spend on my business. He will "say" that he does, but in truth, he can barely keep quiet for a minute while I'm working on something....he'll constantly say, "are you done"? Lately he has been claiming that he's "talking a lot less", he's not. He gets angry if I suggest tape-recording him....likely because he doesn't want to be faced with facts that will contradict his claims. What can I do?