There's something wrong with me

I've posted before, my husband has ADD (inattentive), forgetful, angry, can't follow through with anything, bad parent, etc.  He was diagnosed last spring, he is on meds and sees that dr regulary.  He saw a therapist but after 2 sessions she moved, got a new therapist-saw her twice then never called her for another appt.  He finally, the other week, called a different place and had a consultation with a new therapist.  He has also been reading a book on ADHD that I gave him called your life can be better.  This is the book that I told him about a couple months ago and he said I don't have ADHD I have ADD, my reply was same thing-you have the AD part of ADHD!  I've been trying to explain to him that meds only won't help, that he needs a good therapist that will help him work on his anger and ways to not forget everything (and I mean absolutely everything).  It finally clicked with him and he seems to be really trying hard.

  The problem is he is driving me crazy!  It's like he is now hyperfocused on his therapy for ADD.  He's calling all kinds of counseling places, when he has an appt with one already.  I said to him how many therapists do you want to see?  You only need one!  He's on stand by for tomorrow in case someone cancels.  All I have heard for a week is he might have an appt on Thursday.  I made sure today he knew the chances are slim, it's only if there is a cancellation.  He bought a wipe board and found a place to hang it so he can see it, I can't stand it there but am not saying anything b/c so far he is using it.  He tells me his schedule for the entire day, I don't really care-just do what you are supposed to do.  I don't need to know every little detail.  He still talks non stop but now it's about the book that he is reading, his notes, his calendar, his goals for the next day, and on and on.    I want to be hopeful but I also know that he can't maintain this focus for too long.