They just don't take it seriously....any of it

I hate that all I seem to do is bitch about these things — even though I don't actually bitch to anyone other than myself because I don't want to bad-mouth DW to anyone really! DW has just been on 'holiday' for the past 3 weeks, not really a proper holiday, but home to see family etc.

We couldn't really afford it to be honest, but DW said her dad was paying for her flights so we compromised that she would just use that money as her spending money, and off she went! Turns out that this 'family-visiting' time has turned into what can only be described as a 21 day bender — DW has been drinking every, single day — her dad is an alcoholic and that's where she was staying, but this went way too far — with numerous nights out at clubs, 4 am type stuff!

I've already expressed my concern about what I see, as a real alcohol problem — if it's in the house, she WILL drink it, regardless. I could be saving a nice bottle of whiskey/wine for special occasions but no, if it's in the house, she drinks it! Not socially either, she's just drinking it for the sake of it, or if she's 'bored' — which is a lot of the time! She's just told me that when she gets back she's giving up drinking for 90 days — although at 9am at the airport she is posting pictures to facebook of herself drinking cocktails!! At 9am!?! BY HERSELF!

Also, the spending money thing — she assured me that she hardly spent any money whilst there, I have come to find out that she has maxed out one credit card (maybe $1000) and has requested a very large credit increase on another (she hasn't maxed this one, but has put a good whack onto it, again maybe another $800, and that's on top of the $600 she originally had from her father!). She hasn't mentioned this large increase to me as of yet — I'm not sure she's going to either.


How the hell do I even approach this!? I'm so frustrated right now, I feel like I can't talk to anyone about any of this!! And I really don't want to upset her either — I do really love her, I just want us to be 'normal'! She has her first ever appt with a psych in 2 weeks — I'm really hoping she gets some meds!