THings are(were) looking up



I havent been on in a couple weeks, Ive been to let everyone to know that since Ive been to the doc a few weeks ago. Things have been better. Ive made some changes for the better and have been feeling a lot better. Ive been keeping to a schedule. Keeping track of things. Treating my wife a whole lot better than I ever have. Ive been complimenting her way more than ever. Just everything seems good in general. Then to now. She doesnt know why Ive become happy all of a sudden and doesnt care. And she wants me to stop because she doesnt believe any of it and its making her mad actually.   Im stuck and I dont know what to do.

Just Show Her...

The past causes us all to be suspect BS....It's difficult to accept someone has the ability to See themselves...and Change themselves....Although it happens everyday...I suggest you just continue working on you, and be patient w/ her...(don't read to much into her disdain and doubt) If you do that she will come around in time as your new self awareness and self discipline becomes a reality she can put her Trust in!

Blessing BS