Think this was the final straw

My wife of 14 years was diagnosed with ADHD about 9 months ago.  Undoubtedly it's a familiar story for many here: impulsive spending, stopped working, parent/child relationship, etc. 

After her diagnosis things were supposed to improve; the medication would help and she would get the tools to change her life.  It hasn't happened and instead she hyper focuses on things she wants to do to the detriment of all others (chores, children, etc.).  

As the only income source my anxiety is always a 10 and I have a high stress job (portfolio manager).  I come home and it's always chaos which I cannot handle (very process oriented).  Today I received notification that a bill wasn't paid and we were being sent to collections. 

When I ask how do we stop this from happening her response is "I can't say it won't happen; my brain doesn't work like that".  

Honestly I think that's it for me.  An inability to try and improve and overcome this condition is the last straw.  What good is having a diagnosis if nothing changes?

Anyway I'm sure this board gets lots of these posts and it isn't your problem I just wanted other people's perspective before I leave the ring on the mantelpiece.  

Thanks for reading this and if you have ADHD and are trying to improve thanks and good job.