Thinking about a divorce 3 years old kid

Please  find below the last email I sent to my husband, we are married for 4 years with a 3 years old beautiful girl. He also has PTSD , anxiety and sometimes panic attacks, it is surreal, I have been trying for my daughter, but I am seriously thinking about leaving this relationship. 

He just started adderall I am not sure why it is taking a while to work, I had really 3 days in a month!

Is there anybody to give me some hope that things can get better with the right medicine? 

> You have been a monster and attacking me all the time for stupid reasons. > > The medicine is not working and I am beyond unhappy. > > Please do not screw up with my Mon here as you favorite thing is to fuck up with my family, before you I really got along with everybody. My brother and I are the favorite for my mon's and daddy's side of the family, everybody loves me and my brother, because we always talk to everybody. > > Just like you screw up my car insurance and say that I am a bad driver when I have an outstanding record. > > I know deep inside you know you are the source of all problems , but won't admit because it is too painful to look how messed up your brain is. > > I fell you are not doing enough to save this marriage by trying to make things better, I understand you can change a f up life like yours overnight but I do not see any improvements. > > My week days are horrible my weekends are worse. I take care of Clara all by myself and I already feel like a single mother. > > Not to mention you do not ask anything about me or my day, that become irrelevant, I do not even exist in the relationship. > > Sex is not even in the list because for that to work I need to be mentally connect with a person and right now I am not connected to you at any level. > > I am full of resentment and anger trying to find drops of minutes of sanity in your brain.