Thinking about taking the live couples seminar....

But, I don't think I can convince my husband, who doesn't want to admit he has ADD and gets really upset when I say I think this will help us.  I really do think this could be THE solution for us.  I am tired of taking care of everything and don't want to live being mad all the time, my choice, I know.... but I am really feeling so unimportant. 

I want him to join with me in the seminar.  Anyone else having this experience?

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I did learn something

It appears to have helped some couples.

Didn't Edison try close to 1,000 materials for the filament for the light bulb before he found the right one?!  I had such high hopes the couples seminar would work for us.  I have added it to the growing list of things that did not work for us. 

I just can't bring myself to say nothing will work. 

My spouse is in the process of trying to find himself an ADHD coach.   

All the things we have tried as a couple, he has agreed to do as he feels I have lots of issues, so he is willing to go along, by my side, because one of these days I will see the light and realize all our marriage problems stem from me.

He did not read Melissa's book, nor listen to the audio-book version he requested.  He did not do the homework.  He hears things differently than I do, so even there we get stuck.  Recently he told me he didn't listen to the audio-book - because I never copied it onto cds for him.  My fault.  NOT!

I am one stubborn lady.  Here is where I have arrived in my life - my heels are dug in, I love my spouse, and I NEED to know he loves me, respects me, wants me, and hears me.  Yes, I have put a lot in his corner.  When he steps up and recognizes the chaos the un-addressed adhd traits have caused, then we can move forward.