Thinking of hiring an organizer

We have a storage unit that is filled to the brim with junk. Last summer DH told me that he needed to have another storage unit to organize from the bigger storage unit, and that he only needed it for a week (he charmed the storage unit manager into doing this). It is now January and I have been paying for two storage units this entire time. We have had this storage unit for 15 years, and he has made zero progress on organizing it. He has plenty of time (unemployed), but never makes any progress; well, unless you count spending 12 hours a day surfing the the Internet progress. I'm sick of paying all this money to store garbage and I'm sick of nagging him about it. 

What I would like to do is hire an organizing team (a couple of my friends do this for their business) to come in and get rid of everything. Obviously one of us would need to be there, most likely him, since I work. I want to make this as low-stress as possible. I don't want him to feel like I'm sabotaging him, because that's how he'll see it. My personal thoughts are that I'm sick and tired of paying for this, he won't fix it, and this will get it done quickly. How do I present this to him without making him feel bad about himself, or getting mad at me? Any thoughts? I just don't want any conflict.