For those with kids... ADHD or non-ADHD

A big problem I have is my kids seem to feel like they are allowed to avoid certain responsibilities/activities/tasks because they find those things boring.  I am starting to wonder if it has to do with my husband's ADHD behavior.  So, I thought I would see if anyone else experiences this problem.

So, of course, my husband does the typical thing of not helping around the house, hyperfocusing on his interests, incredibly reluctant to run errands, and even avoids most social activities.  When I want my kids to help out or do chores or run errands, they complain (and sometimes whine) that they don't want to because it's boring.  They seem truly shocked that I still expect them to do whatever it is I want them to do (even though this happens daily).  I've tried letting them know that I am constantly doing things I consider boring, but those things need to be done.  That life really isn't about having free time all day.  I've tried telling them that when responsibilities are over is when people get to have their own time to do what they want, etc.

Is it likely that my husband's hyperfocus is causing my children to believe he doesn't take care of any responsibilities, so they shouldn't either?  It's not like they don't see me working until I collapse - that's what goes on every day.  And it's not like my husband never helps - it's just a rarity.  Plus, they know he goes to work and works hard there.  I would think that would count towards their ability to understand he's not just lazing around all day, doing whatever he wants.

Any thoughts or similar experiences?