Thoughts on this?

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I have posted here. A situation occurred tonight that, for the life of me, I cannot get my arms around. Yet again in the realm of the ADHD Giant a simple, stupid activity becomes a major confrontation. Buckle up and climb aboard!

My wife ( ADHD ) and I agree that she should run to the store to get a few items while I am cooking dinner. As we are talking the list grows to a total of five items. She announces that there are too many things on the list and demands that I write them down.

Because I am basically sick of dealing with her transactional "tit for tat" approach to things I ask her why I should write the list, and not her. She responds that is because she is going to the store. (Re: tit for tat approach ). So I write the list for her.

She returns with three of the five items on the list, with one being wrong. So I mention that the specific items were included in the list and ask her if she looked at it. Her initial reply is "there is a difference between looking at the list and reading it". In the end, after several minutes of heated discussion she admitted she did not look at the list, her grade school pettiness demanded I write, because it was only a backup. She further pointed out what an excellent job she did and how rude an unappreciative I was for her efforts. The fact she only came home with three out of five was because the store did not have them. I could go to that same store and walk directly to those items right now.

Admittedly, this is  a minor problem, but how the Fuck do you deal with a mind that is that divorced from reality?

To be clear, my issue is not about the items on the list, or what she did or did not do with regard to the list. It is about the infantile way she demanded I write the list in the first place ( because at four items she checked out ) then ignored the list and declared how great she did. It is petty and insulting.