Thrown out..

After another heated discussion from lack of communication, now I;m out. Over 1 month. My step sons Dad committed suicide and he needs me to be there. I'm so confused as to whey she would do this. Everything is disrupted and spiraling out of control. My wife stopped working "to be with her son" which I agree, that means her mom is supporting her. My mother in law is awesome but they are all in shock from the suicide. Last week, she finally answered my text and said to call her and speak to my step son and tell him that I love him and miss him, he said, Doug, "where are you'??? Then she asked me to stay at the house while she, her son and mom took a few days away. I thought from the conversation that I was home and we would work on it. Well, an hour before she came home she texted me and said she didnt want me there, just like that, that she would call me later, she never did. I left, grabbed a hotel room. While I was there I did my normal thing, I mowed and did the landscape, I washed both cars. She is out of money and told me the cable was out and needed to be paid. I gave her money for the trip. I bought her flowers, delivered today. So, she called me about an hour ago and was so upset, accused me of leaving things around the house so my step son could see it. She was angry. I think she is stressing ig time over the suicide and is attacking me because she can. She is all over the place. The void is, his father is gone so I know my step son is confused, he is never going to call again, never going to be there. Its the same thing you always hear, he was a jerk, a bully, he had an affair and just had a baby with their former pediatrician. I know she has been talking to my wife and my wife does'nt like her from all thr mean things she use to say to her, all control. Well thats all over. I'm so confused, I have no idea what she is doing. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated. Doug