Time management

My husband just spent an hour and a quarter on his hygiene (showering, etc.).  He's a guy!  He doesn't do anything special (shave, put on make-up).  And he says he doesn't have time to look for a job!

Just a guess?

Now what could he be doing in the shower? Or then again, maybe that wouldn't take him very long either.... (Sorry, just couldn't resist)   ;)

Time Mismanagement

Jesus Christ.  My husband complains if I take 40 minutes to get ready, a luxury in which I rarely indulge.  I try telling him that in that sense, I am not far off the mark compared to non-ADHD women (or at least my friends).  An hour and 15 minutes?  My guess is that he reads on the toilet, or was watching TV in the bedroom or something...  Yeah; it is shaving my legs that takes the longest, so I can't imagine what took so long.  Or maybe I just don't want to...

Well, as my Nana used to say about decision-making (which is also apt, here), "S---, or get off the pot!"