The time is now!

Hey all,

I will start out saying my wife and I have been married going on 5 years and we have been together for over 6 with being good friends for 5 years before that. We have a beautiful almost 3 year old daughter and another child on the way. My wife is one of the most hardworking people I know and put other people needs before her own. I love my wife to death but as of lately I feel like I have completely have failed her and my family.

I was diagnosed with ADHD just over a year ago and have been prescribed medication for it. I am the type of person that gets very scatter brained even with taking my medication. I work in a high stress job that sometimes I can be up for a 24 hour period and then I come home and have to keep going without much rest due to the fact my wife is working or we have things that need to get done, or I just want to spend time with my wife.

This is where I have started to feel like I can't do anything right. My wife and I have gotten into more arguments of lately because she feels like I don't listen to her. I will admit sometimes my brain is just jumping from one thing to the next and I forget what she says and I hate to ask her what she said because I feel guilty knowing that I wasn't giving her my full attention. I do things that I think are what she wants and when I do that it ends up blowing up in my face because I didn't ask her how she wanted it done or I take it away from her when she wanted to do it. I feel as I am about to lose her and I don't know what I would do without her. I know she feels like a broken record because we seem to have this argument every few months and I start doing better but then I guess I get complacent and fall in the same rut. 

My marriage means the absolute world to me and my family is everything. I want to me the best I can be and be a reliable husband and father.

Does anyone have any advice on how to keep myself on track?

Any advice on how to have a discussion with a spouse who seems at the end of their straw and is tired of hearing apologies?