Tired of the angry moods

Hi all,

Glad to have found this space. My partner and I have been together 4 years and I'm struggling. They have a diagnosis of ADD and also a history of trauma. They're currently going through a horrible work situation which is bringing up all kinds of problems and triggering them a lot. Hopefully this will resolve in the next month or two.

They are getting angry and barking at me and his son. They always profusely apologise and try to explain what they're experiencing and make sure we know its not us at all it's 100% their brain. I understand but it's tiring. They're currently working on a project for work and I've made a point of moving into a different room to work because they are just angry and tense the whole time. It's uncomfortable to be around them.

I just walked into the room and mentioned I didn't need to go to the shop as planned. They asked me a follow up question and when I started to answer they just cut in with "please can you stop talking for a minute" because they were busy focusing on something. I just walked out of the room.

I'm really just tired. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells and being told not to talk or not to do certain things because they're concentrating or upset etc. Happy days get spoiled by sudden bursts of anger.

I have a chronic illness and a history of trauma myself so I have my own struggles. They're so supportive of me when I'm going through my own difficulties and I want to be there for them but I just need support from people who understand.

Any advice on getting through this?