We are not married, but I thought I could get some help in reacting to my boyfriend's oversharing when he talks about other people.  We have been together 6 months. He says I am his best friend, and feels like he can be himself without any judgement when he is with me. I accept him as he is, and I feel the same about him. Sometimes, however, he talks to me like I'm "one of the guys". I'm not one of the guys, I'm a woman. HIS woman. Perhaps its a matter of me chalking it up to his ADHD and letting it go. Then again, some of the things he says are too much information, things that I'm better off not knowing. He told me about some of the women he knows from work. He tells me too much about what they do and say. Here is an example: He told me all about one woman, and how she shakes her butt at work, comes up behind some of the men in the office, presses her breasts against their backs, and massages their get what she wants.... And he told me about another one, who gets away with calling off and coming in late because she is so HOT. And then there's the help desk girl who has a calendar on her wall with pictures of herself in it for every month. And the fact that the hiring managers only hire attractive women who look like they could be models for help desk positions. He has also gone into too much detail about some of the women in his past, be it ex wife or ex girlfriend.... He became angry with me when I brought it up in a discussion, saying : "Do you want me to quit my job"? NO. I don't want him to quit his job. Its not about jealousy. I love what we have and we have spoken many times about our future, and merging our lives. I don't want him to hold back and not tell me things. However, I don't need to know about some of the details, especially when it comes to what he has told me about co workers. Advice ?