Today is My 14 Year Anniversary

I am really writing this to get it out. I cannot post this on public forums where people know me personally.

14 years ago, I was 24 and so excited to get married. I knew my husband to be had some anger issues, but I thought we could work them out and they would get better with time. I knew he was funny and a guy everybody liked. We had our share of fights in the 3 years we had been together, but he was so much fun to be around and really seemed to get me. I could not wait to start the next chapter of our lives together.

Fast forward to 14 years later. Our anniversary is starting off with him sleeping on the couch because he was up till who-knows-when (at least 3:00 a.m. because the email he sent to everyone in the organization we disagree over was sent at 2:52 a.m. ) He also has a meeting planned for this organization tonight. Granted, we have 2 kids and no money to go out to eat, let alone a babysitter. I am not a person who needs tons of gifts or even grand gestures. But, a little acknowledgement, especially with the wringer he has put this family through the past year, would be nice.

So, it is not a happy anniversary.. I feel like we have just stumbled our way through 14 years. I think I will use today to call and get information on the marriage counseling I have been putting off.