today is the starting of a long weekend here at my state,

What to expect from DH this weekend,well it's simple to say LOOK OUT!!! big fights coming!!!!,should I stay into the comforts of my own home and be missing him? or should I go and just learn how to handle it maturely? well a few weeks ago I would have gone at DH apartment without even thinking this through,but now I know different, I am thinking it through and still very Happy to share the long weekend with him!Opps!!!!! LOOK OUT! the mood swings!!  the tantrums,fights,accusations,hell the "blame game" what to do? I have to go,I love him too much to miss the long weekends kisses and hugs,maybe at  every corner in my mind dwells a place of trust, but also a place of fear, and it is pushing me right now ten steps forward, and twenty steps backward,I am scared he would call me names,I am scared he would run me out like a dog!! I am scared,what to do! what to do!!.I would go and face it, I would expect the unexpected and just try and work around the "ADHD bad side" I am praying it is a wonderful long weekend with the man I am crazy about,keep me in your prays.