Today....ugh....more craziness!

Today H and I were working at our business.  Afterwards, we had some shopping to do at 2 different stores.  At the first store, we each took our own list and agreed to meet back.  I couldn't find an item so it took me a TINY bit longer...not much longer.   H was livid.  

In the car-ride to the next store, H lectured me about how stressful shopping is, etc, and how I contribute to the stress.  I told him that since shopping is stressful then I will go by myself.   (easy solution!)   Oh, but no.  H became very insulted by that.   He said that it was a "stick in the eye" for me to say that I  would go alone rather than "make sure" that nothing stressful happens.  How am i supposed to do THAT.  

Then and there I realized that any solutions that I can come up with to deal with H's mental conditions need to be kept secret.  In the future, I won't shop with him.  I won't announce it, because he'd be insulted by it.   He thinks that my suggestion is just a way of saying, "there's nothing I can do to remove your stresses, so I'd rather go without you.