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Hi all would appreciate some much needed advice.

My wife and I are in our mid to late thirties and have been married for 4 years. Though things have not been perfect we have managed to let things be ok.   I recently found out I was ADD big time but only after suffering job losses and failures. My wife had enough of my job problems and financial as a consequence and reached a point of no return. She thinks ADD is an excuse and will not get involved with it in any way, for her it does not justify my problems.

So I suferred real bad because of my ADD since childhood and it was a very pivotal and emotional moment for me to find but my wife resents me wants to leave asap and won't because we have a child. She will not take this ADD seriously even while I try to explain to her, she says I have enough on my plate. I know I suffered those losses because of my sickness but she does not care and just want me to have a stable job.

Things are bad real bad and I don't know what to do. I am seeking treatment and took myself to many doctors and I am in therapy now but the damage is done and I am really confused and helpless.


Appreciate objective beedback,,thanks......