Total Lack of Sympathy

It so happens that right now I have a terrible cold. My ADHD husband is acting like he usually does under these circumstances...he is punishing me for not being well. Does that sound strange, or have I found a forum where people will understand what I am trying to say? It is as if, by my inability to carry on and keep life as it should be,I have somehow done something unforgivable. He will remain aloof and unsympathetic and emotionally cool until such time as I straighten up and get back to normal. It is almost as if, by totally ignoring me while I am not well, he can pretend that I am not sick....he acts like this when ever things are not going according to plan. Has anyone had any success at getting their partner to recognize they might need compassion or understanding, or do I just resign myself to this lack in our relationship and stop hoping that he will care when I need him to?