Transferred Symptoms

   After 28 years of marriage my wife was diagnosed with ADHD last year. She found your book and started to read it (lol). A little while later she insisted that I take an online test because she said I was exhibiting signs of ADHD myself. Upon completion, with the answers I gave, it more or less said I was boarder line. After years of not knowing,and reading your book,thru ups and downs,(almost a divorce,and I know by all means I have not always been prince charming) I was glad to find out that I was not the only one Angry and Frustrated with what seems to be her non caring disposition. The book has open my eyes to a great extent. And this may seem shallow or insecure,but is it possible that some traits (habits,etc...) can be transferred from the ADHD to the non-ADHD spouse? Is it possible that I am  boarder line ADHD?