Traveling with ADHD

For me, traveling with my ADHD husband is truly a panic inducing experience. He has the overfocused type of ADHD. When we travel and he's in an unfamiliar environment, his brain isn't able to take everything in. He only comprehends about 50% of what is going on around him, maybe less.  This causes his judgement and decision making skills to b very impaired. I would say he makes some decisions at a 10 or 12 year old level. To further complicate matters, he insists on being in complete control of our activities and we are at his mercy. As a result, our physical needs have been neglected and we've been put in dangerous situations many times. 

I had a full blown panic attack 10 years ago in the days leading up to a trip to Mexico. That was my first panic attack and  I ended up in the emergency room with that one. 

We're preparing for a week long trip right now. Yesterday I was in a state of semi panic all day long. I called my husband at work and unloaded on him in a very loud and unpleasant way. He handled it pretty well. He's making an itinerary and trying to plan and prepare, which he's never done before. He's trying to reassure me, but deep down I know he has no control. We are at the mercy of ADHD. 

Do any of you have any advice or stories that will help me deal with traveling this summer? Thank you!