Treatment in Europe

Hi, I am an American who relocated to Italy a decade or so ago. I had been diagnosed with add a few years prior to my move, and had been taking Adderall, which I found to be amazingly helpful (though not without issues). All stimulant medications are illegal in much of Europe (and add in fact often dismissed as an imaginary American preoccupation). I continued to get adderall for a couple of years during visits to the states but this proved to not be sustainable. I have since been unmedicated and untreated, aside from a brief trial of wellbutrin which was unpleasant. Anyone have any suggestions or tips? I am now married with children, and am having trouble coping and feel like I need to start to try to get some more control over things. Thanks.

meds in europe

hello Vernon,

i just got married to an amazing American man with add. we live in Berlin and found an English speaking neurologist who gave him "Venlafaxin" (brand name is Effexor). it is a Serotonin-Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, which, surprisingly, cured his migraines and made him feel less emotionally unstable. he sometimes takes a tiny bit of Adderall, but his supply is running low. he also doesn´t like the feeling, makes him feel like a robot he says (he is only hyperactive in his mind, not jumping all over the place physically).   just a week ago i talked to a guy who is running a medical trial to get Adderall approved for Germany, and in few cases Doctors are already giving it to patients.  we found a list of English speaking therapists (PATH) specialized on add  in adults on the American embassy web page. didn´t check one out yet though, since he got health insurance only 5 weeks ago due to the marriage.  i hope i could help somehow. am still figuring out my man and trying to understand his states of mind and picture of the world. best sheen